Crazy weekend For Spencer Entertainment! 

In a nutshell we hosted karaoke at our favorite campground friday night, Saturday night 4Banger (our band) performed 8pm-12am at another campground and Sunday We did All the music, MC work, lighting and even a custom motion monogram for a really beautiful young couple named Valérie and Gabriel.

Tired, YES. but I love my job and would not trade it for anything. I crave any knowledge or tips or tricks for making a better wedding, becoming a better entertainer, public speaker, planner, business man, and even blogger.

big things are coming.


What's Happening with Spencer Entertainment Services? TONS! 

I just thought it would be nice to let you know what we've been up to here at SES. Saturday night we hosted and DJed for An Amazing couples "Jack and Jill" party, what a blast it was! we played games, danced, roasted them....the works. now we prepare for their wedding next Saturday!! tonight we are at "La Vieille" in Rigaud (14 rue st jean baptiste if you want to come hang out!).

We are now accepting bookings for weddings 2018 and we have a few dates left so if you want  to make your event THE event, contact us at 514-245-8919 and let's make it happen!

take care, peace out.

cake mapping? Projection Mapping? What the heck is that? 

watching DJ blogs I recently came across the word "cake Mapping". I was curious so I googled it.

BOOM! mind blown. I was in love. since then I have begun teaching myself how to do it and plan on devouring every little bit of info on it that i can find.

I also plan on doing it EVERY chance I get!

the idea of this post is just to introduce people to cake mapping (AKA 3D projection or projection mapping).

in a nutshell cake mapping gives you the ability to bring your cake (think wedding cake!) to life with beautiful animation and images, photos.....whatever you can imagine.

here is an example of what I am learning. this art has many applications including advertising, holiday (think Halloween!), live shows etc....the list goes on...

I look forward to experimenting and performing with this new found medium so friends that are getting married, give me a call, I'll hook you up!

Halloween will never be the same.

Take care and keep upping your game!



Post Tribute Praise 

Wow, wow, wow!
The Band "One Love" KILLED it. reviews were unanimously amazing. the food and service at the Hemmingford Golf Club was nothing short of extraordinary.
there was a palpable feeling of love in the room between the band and the audience. Dano Peace (lead singer) had an energy and presence that made you swear he had summoned the spirit of Bob that night.
thank you so much to everyone that came out may 6th for the show and making it so great. we look forward to doing it again, so what do ya say, same time and place next year?!

Head Count For Tribute To Bob Marley 

ONE LOVE Attention Bob Marley Fans 
Si vous prévoyez d'assister à notre hommage à Bob Marley le 6 mai au Club De Golf Hemmingford, mais n'avez pas encore acheté vos billets, veuillez le faire en ligne, au club de golf ou à travers moi (Robb Spencer) dès que possible. Nous avons besoin d'un compte-rendu pour le buffet absolument génial! 
Je vous remercie 
Hemmingford Golf Club Tel: 450-247-31919 

Attention Bob Marley Fans 
If you are planning on attending our tribute to Bob Marley May 6 at the Hemmingford Golf Club but have not yet purchased your tickets, please do so online, at the golf club or through me (Robb Spencer) as soon as possible. we need a head count for the totally awesome buffet! 
thank you 
Hemmingford Golf Club Tel: 450-247-31919

Mallory's "sweet Sixteen" party 

Djing is such a great way to make peoples special nights even better than they imagined.
I get to make new friends and form even closer bonds with existing ones.
I was so honoured to be able to provide the DJ/Karaoke entertainment for these awesome people.
Thanks again Laura, Mallory, Barklay and Alex.
I also made a custom photo montage set to the song "in my daughter's eyes".
Here is a link to that if you'd like to see it.
here is what Laura thought about my service...

We could not have been luckier to have Robb as our DJ. He was super fun and professional, music was great and he was very involved with the crowd. Absolutely would recommend to anyone wanting GREAT service!!”

Megan Vezina (Bride)