cake mapping? Projection Mapping? What the heck is that?

watching DJ blogs I recently came across the word "cake Mapping". I was curious so I googled it.

BOOM! mind blown. I was in love. since then I have begun teaching myself how to do it and plan on devouring every little bit of info on it that i can find.

I also plan on doing it EVERY chance I get!

the idea of this post is just to introduce people to cake mapping (AKA 3D projection or projection mapping).

in a nutshell cake mapping gives you the ability to bring your cake (think wedding cake!) to life with beautiful animation and images, photos.....whatever you can imagine.

here is an example of what I am learning. this art has many applications including advertising, holiday (think Halloween!), live shows etc....the list goes on...

I look forward to experimenting and performing with this new found medium so friends that are getting married, give me a call, I'll hook you up!

Halloween will never be the same.

Take care and keep upping your game!



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